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Organization Chart

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Construction Products Holding Company (CPC) was established during 2005 to be the Industrial arm in the field of building materials manufacturing for Saudi Binladin Group (SBG), implementing the concept of the "One Stop Shop" providing the construction material needed to all contractors and developers. Under its umbrella, it includes the top four companies owned by the group in the field of Marble and Granite, Precast, Wood & Gypsum and Adhesives, in addition to a fifth company in the field of Logistics services. These companies are operating in their respective fields since the year 1989.

Glancing at the CPC Organization chart, we realize the magnitude of expansion the company managed to achieve in a record time until it was selected amongst the fast growing companies in the region. This can be identified in the second level of the CPC Organization chart as five major holding companies as follows:

1. Saudi Construction Products Company (CPC – KSA)

This Company is the holding company for all the Companies of KSA for the downstream building materials industries.

Under this company (10) Companies follow:

  1. Marble & Granite International Company
    MGI quarries their own marble and granite from 22 quarries owned by the company. In the factory this is then processed into a range of products as diverse as huge blocks of granite, for construction, to the most intricately patterned inlay work for decoration.

    MGI has 1 Company under its umbrella which is: MGIC Cyprus

  2. Bahra Steel Company & Riyadh Steel Company
    BSC & RSC, provides detailed shop drawings of the project, in order to pre-approve the specifications and materials required. From bar bending and cutting, to pre-assembled cages for columns or beams.

  3. Advanced Vision Company for Electro-Mechanical Works
    VISION, established in 2007 in Bahra Saudi Arabia, specializes in electro mechanical works. Vision is an advanced limited liability contracting company serving the construction industry. It was established to meet the need of the increased market demand for the mega projects in Saudi Arabia specialized in providing complete engineering and construction services for Electro Mechanical projects.

    Vision has (10) Companies under its umbrella:

    1. Modern Times Technical System (MTTS)
    2. FAME Company for Electro-Mechanical Industries
    3. EFFECO Company
    4. Empower Contracting
    5. Vision Networks
    6. First Vision
    7. INMA Utilites Co.
    8. SEPTECH
    9. Vision Etimaad Contracting
    10. VISION – Qatar

  4. Saudi Company for Development and Trade
    SACODECO specializes in interior and exterior finishing and decoration. We can assist in every step of the project, from planning tailored solutions to manufacturing unique furnishings and drapery, to finishing and decorative work.

    SACODECO has (3) Companies under its umbrella:

    1. SITCA
    2. DEBAGE
    3. RSC

  5. United Arab Aluminum Company
    UAAC, is one of the region's leading companies in the development, commercialization and distribution of a wide range of high quality aluminum products, ranging from window frames and shutters to frameless structural glazing. The company also offers bespoke solutions to match the requirements of most cutting edge projects.

    UAAC has 1 Company under its umbrella: FOLCRA KSA (Under Formation)

  6. Adhesive Manufacturing Company
    AMC, established in 1992, locally produces adhesives under their own label (Admix) and under license to C-Cure and CBP (leading US companies). They produce a vast array of products, ranging from adhesives and grouts, to epoxies, bonding agents and specialty products.

  7. Precast Manufacturing Company
    PREMCO produces a wide variety of precast concrete products and can even design products to suit the unique requirements of individual clients. Our products range from hollow-core slabs to glass fiber reinforced cement products and even pre-fabricated bathroom pods. It currently has branches in Jeddah, Bahra, and Riyadh and will start operation in Dammam soon. PREMCO has 4 companies under its umbrella:

    1. Bahra Modern Precast (BMPC)
    2. Precast Concrete Products Manufacturing Company (PCPC) – Rabegh (Under Formation)
    3. Arabian Austrian Ready Mix Concrete
    4. Premco Ready-Mix (READY-MIX)

  8. Arabian Elevator and Escalator Company
    UITC (KONE), the company was established in 1979, deals with all aspects regarding elevator and escalator requirements. AREECO supplies and installs their products, and assists in planning new projects or upgrading existing ones.

  9. HUTA Foundation Works Co.
    HUTA has emerged from the consolidation of the foundation activities of SBG and HUTA Hegerfeld Saudia Ltd. The dedicated focus of HUTA Foundation is to provide top quality foundation works and services to the private and public sectors, including industrial and petrochemical projects.

  10. MEPIC

  11. CPC Greenshine" Under Formation"

2. Construction Products Company for Services (CPC Services)

The following construction companies are under CPC services, whose main operation area is Saudi Arabia. Under this company (7) Companies exists:

    ARABTEC is one of the region leading companies in construction and has executed a diversified portfolio of major construction projects in all sectors of real estate and infrastructure. Arabtec Saudi Arabia in alliance with CPC Holding company have engaged in diverse investments and business activities in KSA .

    ARABTEC has 3 companies under its umbrella:
    1. EFECO-KSA
    2. ARABTEC Equipment
    3. Austrian Arabian Ready mix Concrete

  2. AXAL Arabia
    Axal Arabia for Construction Company was established in 2007 and headquartered in Jeddah.AXAL Arabia is a general construction contractors specialized in residential, commercial, entertainment, operation, renovation and building maintenance, roads and grounds. Active across all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, working with the government and highly recognized firms to design, build, and maintain many of the kingdom's most complex and challenging projects.

    AXAL Arabia has 1company under its umbrella:
    1. Empower Contracting

  3. HARAMAIN Gate
    HARAMAIN GATE Company "HGC" was established in 2007 and headquartered in Jeddah.HGC is specialized mainly in Civil, concrete & steel structure works in addition to the execution of finishing & E/M works.

    HARAMAIN Gate has 3 companies under its umbrella:
    1. ROOTS SCAFOLDING (Under Formation)
    2. Empower Contracting
    3. DORRA AL-HARAMAIN (Under Formation)

  4. FAST Finishing Contracting

  5. CPC Equipment Rental Company



3. Construction Products Company for Industries (CPC Industrial)

CPC Industries is involved in upstream industrial companies. It is planning to have such industries to secure its needs of essential building raw materials. CPC Industries have 1 company as follows:

  1. Bahra Cables Company
    Bahra Cables Company was established in 2007, with headquarters located in the industrial city of Bahra, is fast becoming one of the leading companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rapidly building a fine reputation for its quality wiring and cabling manufactured products.

    Bahra Cables Company has 1 company under its umbrella.
    1. ITCC

4. Construction Products Company International (CPC International)

This Company was incorporated to utilize its expertise and successful track record in Saudi Arabia, and export it to countries where the economy is growing, such as Syria, Egypt, U.A.E, Algeria and Qatar.

Construction Products Company International (CPC International) operates in the following regions:

  1. Egypt: owns (4) companies as follows:
    1. CPC Industrial Development.

    2. Construction Products Holding Company for Investment
      Under this company it has (6) companies as follows:

      1. PREMCO
      2. UCMC & ROPERTS Paints
      4. SAFAD
      6. BAHRA STEEL Company

    3. Focus Engineering

    4. Focus Management & Construction

  2. CPC – ME BAHRAIN: Where it owns Construction Products Holding Company – Syria
    CPC Syria has (13) companies as follows:

    1. PREMCO Syria
    2. United Chemical Material
    3. Ready Mix – Homms
    4. MGIC
    5. WARED-Syria
    6. Bahra Steel Company (Under Formation)
    7. United Arab Aluminum
    8. United Steel Building Co.
    10. TATWEER
    11. Ready Mix – Aleppo
    12. AL-MARASEM
    13. WARED

  3. United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi
    CPC Emirates has (2) companies as follows:

    1. Techno Cast Precast
    2. PREMCO Ready-Mix

    CPC Asia has 1 Company as follows :

    1. CPC India

  5. QD CPC Industries Qatar

  6. Preferred Engineering India

  7. Roots Steel International Holding
    Under this Holding company it has (6) companies as follows:

    1. CPC-ME Bahrain
    2. Roots Steel Egypt
    3. Roots Steel Emirates
    4. POLYCO
    5. GINCO Steel
    6. Roots Steel KSA