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Training & Development

Our training program, led by our associates, is one of the industry's best. We are committed to providing the tools, training, and support to develop our associates to their fullest. At CPC, learning is part of what we do every day. When you join our company, you will begin a learning experience that will be a part of your professional development throughout your career. An important part of our teaching philosophy is to explain not only how to do something, but why we do things the way we do.

Focused Development Plans
Our approach to learning and development focuses on priority skills training to set you up for success; individual development plans allow you to customize your training plan to your needs.

Associates can participate in training in a number of areas:

Management and Professional Skills Training, focused on providing leadership, communication, and management skills to our teams.

Technology Skills Training, designed to help our associates work better and more effectively using the latest technology. Examples include project management software, scheduling software, and the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Personal Development, a training program focused entirely on our associates' personal interests