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Social Responsibility



8 May 2012
CPC to Focus on Environment at the 2nd Saudi CSR Forum

3 July 2012
CPC at UN - Rio + 20



CSR Brochure
Our Environment

At CPC we devote a substantial part of our energies to protecting the environment. As a responsible corporation, we have an obligation to manage our resources so as to protect the environments in which we do business. This includes building and engineering our plants to minimize their environmental impact, enforcing stringent pollution-control measures and manufacturing environmentally friendly goods.

We are always looking for new ways to become a cleaner and greener organization and to protect the air, water and soil surrounding our operations.


We are proactive in all responsible measures to reduce the affect of our products on the environment.


CPC have managed to plant a green area in CPC's industrial park, as well as an emissions-monitoring program, to help minimize our impact on the environment.
We also managed to maintain this green area by our reusable water from our factories .


CPC facilities are designed to include recycling and reusing water . Our management programs control and isolate waste produced on our sites, and all our plants are helping to minimize the amount of pollution we produce.


Concerns about climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels when producing heat or electricity provide a further reason to develop the use of alternative energy sources. This initiative is part of a broader range of measures that CPC has put in place through contributing to the environment that we live in.

We have inaugurated First Vision Company for Renewable Energy Systems.

The first successful task for First Vision was to set up the first pilot project by building a 130kw solar power plant at CPC Bahra Industrial Park in the Western region, and was successfully implemented.